My Digital Footprint

So here we go, my first of (hopefully) many blogs outlining my thoughts and experiences of driving ‘digital change’ in the public sector.

During a recent mentoring conversation with the Director of ICT for a forward thinking London Authority, we discussed the importance of having a ‘Digital Footprint’. A public and transparent digital space, which gives me a platform to share my thoughts as someone trying to make my mark in Digital / Technology enabled Change, and most importantly, let my peers know what I am all about.

Interestingly this is not my first foray into the world of blogging. A close friend of mine, spent many years undercover as the co-creater of the ‘We Love Local Government’ blog. I had the opportunity to write some guest blogs, one in particular (Competency killed the Council), even featured in the Guardian Online. It describes the angst of a frustrated millennial making their way in Local Government. 8 years, 2 jobs and 2 children later, not much has changed.

I intend to use this space to talk about some of the challenges and frustrations I face in my work, but also the successes and good progress that my team faces as we look to move beyond the traditional ‘boxes and wires’ IT Division, to a more value-add, forward looking IT, working in partnership with our public facing services.